Personal Protection Division

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The Personal Protection Division provides security services in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and throughout the entire country. Our network of Armed Bodyguards offers dignitaries the protection they need.

Whether you are an actor, musician, athlete, politician, CEO, or any other individual requiring protection, we are ready to serve you. Our Personal Protection Specialists have received the highest levels of training possible to ensure your safety. From politicians on Capitol Hill to rock bands on the center stage, our Agents have successfully protected hundreds of celebrities, many of whom are household names.

We specialize in protecting:

  • Local, state, and national politicians, as well as political candidates
  • Professional athletes
  • Entertainers, such as actors, musicians, television radio personalities, comedians, and other celebrities
  • Company CEOs, administrators, and business leaders
  • High-value items and individuals transporting valuables, such as jewelry, loose diamonds, large amounts of currency, etc.
  • Victims, or potential victims, of violent crimes, such as those in cases involving divorce, rape, abuse, etc.


Some assignments require armored cars with Agents in black suits or uniforms, where others require a more discreet protection detail with Agents in plain clothes driving a family-friendly minivan. Please contact us and we can discuss a Protection Plan to meet all of your needs. We look forward to serving you!